An interactive English-Spanish dictionary web application for mobile

Nov 2016 - Jun 2017

After studying Spanish for some time, I looked for a way to practice word translations more. I was taking the bus to work back then, so I decided to create a mobile application so that I could practice on the bus. I then chose to make it web-based because I wanted to experiment with building modern web applications.

Dictio is implemented in TypeScript. Angular is used for the client-side and Node.js is used for the server-side.

At first, Dictio consisted of only static, dictionary-like pages of word translations: nouns, adjectives, verbs, and conjunctions.

Then, I added an interactive flashcard game to allow me to effectively practice translating words from English to Spanish and vice versa. It supports practicing the translation of adjectives, conjunctions, singular and plural nouns, and conjugated verbs.


Try it now (might take some time to load)